Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of October 11, 2023 (2024)

RestoredRepublic via a GCR: Update as of October 11, 2023

Judy Let Me GetThis Straight Note:

·The Satanworshipping, Child Sacrificing Pedophile Rothschild Khazarian Mafia own and havecomplete control over Central Banks across the Globe, the IRS, Federal Reserveand the World’s monetary system.

·The RothschildKhazarian Mafiacreated Israel and ran the Epstein Blackmail scheme that controlledpoliticians, US Congressional legislation and more recently, the BidenAdministration – a lucrative deal for Satan-worshipping, Child SacrificingPedophile US politicians who laundered and received a cut of monies the US sentto fund other countries including both sides of their wars – wars that wereneeded for the Satan worshipping, Child Sacrificing Pedophile Rothschild Khazarian Mafia to create their NewWorld Order so they could control the Planet and all it’s people.

·So compromisedPedophile Biden bent to the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia’s bidding and allowed a staggeringseven billion dollarsworth of weaponry to be left behind in Afghanistan, thatthen fell into the hands of theTaliban and ISIS, emboldening their reign of terror.

·To add to that Biden also funneled six billion dollars into Iran – to which citizensshouted as a thank you, “Death to America” while Iran and their terroristfriends combined the six billion with the seven billion dollars worth ofweaponry to aid the terrorist attack on Israel.

·Why Israel? Once the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia gained their ownprivate homeland in Israel in 1947 through their covert politicalmanipulations, they began to secretly view all of Palestine as their NewKhazaria, and plotted how to genocide all the Palestinians. Israel was also thecenter of their very lucrative Child Sex Trafficking, Adrenochrome and OrganHarvesting Ring that functioned in a 130 mile five mile deep Underground Tunnelrunning from Israel to the Vatican.

·And now Biden and politicians who all get a cut of monies sent to fund both sides of war, wereasking the US Taxpayers to fund defense of Israel in a war that they createdand funded?

·Isn’t it about time Treasonous politicians including Biden, got thrown out of office,the Vatican was recognized as not worshipping God, but worshipped a ChildSacrificing Pedophile Satan and the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia got out of the banking business and their control over USTaxpayer dollars?

A.You’ll never hear about it in the Fake Mainstream Media. Wheneverthere is a big story in the Fake News Mainstream Media, look for thestory they are trying to distract you from.

·Jack Straw Intel: TrumpetSounds the WORLD Being Heard Across! Hezbollah, Russia, Israel Info, GroundCommand – Entire World is Currently Under International or Global Martial Law:

·The Rothschild Central Bankers created Israel via the Belfour Declaration of 1917. Their objective is to implementa worldwide Satanic NWO based in Israel.

·With the Attack on Israel that set the stage for World War III,the World Economic Forum (WEF) was now poised to destabilize the West and takeownership of the World. Asinister plot orchestrated by shadowy figures within the WEF have an objectiveof global destabilization to facilitate the implementation of theirauthoritarian agenda, including digital currency, 15-minute cities, universalbasic income (UBI), a net-zero climate scam, lockdowns, forced vaccinations,and even the seizure of property and vehicles.

·Tues. 10 Oct. Biblical Prophecy Meets Reality: NetanyahuWarns Will “Destroy Damascus if Hezbollah Enters War” – TRUMPET Sounds BeingHeard Across the WORLD!

·NAZIJEWS CREATED HAMAS. In Ron Paul's 2009 speech on the Housefloor he raised his voice in opposition to H.R. 34, and goes on to say,"Israel created Hamas."

·TheCabal Deep State was calling for Nuclear War: US SenatorLindsey Graham suggests USA start bombing Iran: "It's time to take the warto the Ayatollah's backyard"

·In2018 there were 40 politicians (all Democrats) who haddual citizenship in Israel.

·Around8pm EST on Mon. 9 Oct North Korean state televisionannounced that there will be a "very important announcement" soon.Note: Rocket Man is angry

·OnTues. 10 Oct. 2023 there was a system failure at all Japanese Banks thataffected 1.4 million transactions.

·"BidenAdmin has let 99% of migrants stay in US since 2021”…Congressional report.

·BillGates: “The next component we need for global elimination isthe funding to pay for those vaccines.”

·Inone month the BRICS nations have dumped another $17 Billion inU.S. Treasuries.

·As the fiat U.S. dollar faces an impending ‘collapse’ amidst a staggering $33 trillion debt, along with the impending doom embodied by the non asset-backed Bitcoin,Ethereum, XRP and Crypto Currency Market, experts warn that the FederalReserve’s drastic actions may lead to aFinancial Apocalypse.

B. Global CurrencyReset: (Tues. 10 Oct. 2023 Bruce, The Big Call :

·Tues. 10 Oct. Wolverine: Notifications should be on its way any timeafter Tues. 10 Oct. Midnight Reno Time.Get ready everyone.

·Tues. 10 Oct. A Valid Source: The Admiral said that last night he wascalled in to enter the final codes. We are told that this releases the 800#ssometime Tues. or Wed. Much evidence is saying "now!" Today is the10th Day of Darkness.

·Early morning Tues. 10 Oct. we were told that Tier 4b (us, the Internet Group)needs to be ready at any moment for notifications to come out to set foreigncurrency exchange/ Zim redemption appointments. Bond paymasters got paid alittle bit of money and were told they would have access to the majority oftheir funds within the next three days. …Bruce

·On Wed. 11 Oct. some political changes will take place – JimJordan will likely be made the new Speaker of the House. They may also announcethe Supreme Court decision on the Brunson Case about 2020 Election Fraud. Ifthat decision is in favor of Brunson it would reverse the 2020 Election resultsand President Trump would take his rightful place as President of the US.…Bruce

·TheSupreme Court announcement allowing Trump to return to office,along with EBS activation because of Antifa/ Black Lives Matter terroristsplanted in big cities ready to riot if Trump were put back in office, would kick off a four month militaryaction.

·Tier4b notification should happen within the next three days and waslikely dependent upon when the Supreme Court would make a decision to reinstateTrump as US President. …Bruce

·Thurs. 12 Oct to Fri. 13 Oct. possiblenotification and starting of Tier4b exchange/ redemption appointments accordingto TNT Tony.

·On Sun. 15 Oct. the IMF and WorldBank would hold their last meeting.

·Starting in the fourth week ofOctober Restitution andRecreational Allowance will be paid out. The amount of monies paid back will bebased on federal taxes paid since the 1940s, interest on mortgages, bank loans,car loans and credit card interest – along with interest earned on those moniesover the years. Those 60 and older will be paid in three equal monthly paymentsfor Oct, Nov & Dec. Those 50-60 will get payments over the next 12months and those younger will be paid out over 15 years, though they have to beemployed in order to qualify.

·Starting in October and continuingfor three months Social Security benefits will be significantly higher, topping out at $5,200.

·Restitution allowance for 60 andolder will begin the 18thor 25th of Oct. as the beginning of three equal payments over thenext three months.

·Theend of October Sidney Powell has a date with the SupremeCourt to present evidence on 2020 Election Fraud.

·Wed.1 Nov. was the goal to have Currency Exchanges and Zim BondRedemptions completed, although that date could vary.

·Starting 1 Jan. 2024 the fiat US Dollar will be worthless, allcurrencies across the Globe will be on par 1:1 with each other, Social Securitybenefits will be much higher and the SS R&R payments start on a monthlybasis.

·Inthe next three to six months the Rodriguez Trustwill begin to administer “universal basic income” for citizens of allGESARA-compliant countries. The amount per individual or family will depend onthe status, needs, employment level and age of the person/family and will workto encourage people to work if they can.

C.Recent History of the Global Currency Reset:

·On Tues. 3 Oct. US Treasury representatives entered RV codes atRedemption Centers.

·OnWed. 4 Oct Iraq was welcomed to the World Trade Organizationwith a fully reinstated Iraqi Dinar international traded currency; Tier 1 wasfunded and the 12 days of Disclosurebegan.

·On Sun. 8 Oct. the RVd Iraqi Dinarwas made public to Iraqicitizens, causing Iraqi bank runs where they were exchanging the fiat US Dollarto the more valuable Iraqi Dinar.

·Mon.9 Oct. TNT Tony Update: The RV was supposed to occur Sunday,but only if nothing happened…. Then Israel happened. His guy in Iraq says it’sstill going to happen in a couple days. His contacts here in the states sayit’s been rescheduled for Thurs./ Friday12,13 Oct.

·By that Mon. 9 Oct. the new gold/asset-backed US Note was fully inthe system and available at banks. Banks worldwide werereported being closed starting in the UK and coming to US. On that same Mon. 9 Oct. the Military gave Trumpthree different Plans of Action to chose from. No one knows which one hechoose, but there were two timelines running parallel and merging as we speak.You'll soon find out what’s happening. NCSWIC.

·Kuwaitdevaluedits currency in 1991 after liberation from Iraqi occupation. The revaluationsignificantly increased the value of the Kuwaiti Dinar and restored confidencein the economy. Since then, Kuwait has maintained a stable exchange rate withthe US dollar, with no subsequent revaluations. The Kuwaiti dinar continues tobe recognized as a strong currency that reflects the country's economic stabilityand prosperity.

D.Global Financial Crisis:

·Tues.10 Oct. U.S. Dollar ‘Collapse’—The Shocking $8 TrillionPrediction: Fed Inflation Sparks a ‘Critical’ Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, andCrypto Price Boom to Rival Gold


E.Restored Republics:

·Tues.10 Oct. Plato46: We get an Air Show daily at my base. Theyclose the airspace and tear up the sky (low passes, stalls, fly bys at haulbutt speeds-fun stuff but only one F16 at a time). Today I saw for the firsttime, displays you never see except for a victory celebration (two ship flybys, two ship with one peeling off). In my 9 yrs on this base I never sawanything so celebratory. These fighter jocks were practicing a victory paradein the air.

·Tues10 Oct. Q: “Be alert for the next 10 days. False Flag attemptsmay be carried out in an attempt to change the narrative (negative optics).High possibility of a ‘multiple day’ coverage event forcing pause on news. Seesomething. Say something.” …Q

·Tues.10 Oct. WEF Now Poised To Make There Move! Ready ToDestabilise The West and To Take Complete Ownership Of The World!

F.Ken and Barbie vs. Goliath IRS:

·Sun.8 Oct. Cromars Continues to Suffer Court Injustices:

·Forover five years Barbie and Ken Cromar have been battling forour right of Freedom from the privately owned US Inc.’s Goliath IRS that hasstolen our US Taxpayer Dollars for their own use since 1913.

·Evenafter the Cromars won their case in a federal tax courtthat ruled they owed no monies to the IRS, a 27 man SWAT took away their fullypaid for home and threw away all their possessions including expensive cameraequipment Ken used to make a living.

·Theyhave now incarcerated Ken in the Utah Weber County Jail where Federal Prosecutor Kris Angelos was toprovide Ken with Discovery as of 19Sept. 2023 – which has not been done, leaving Angelos’ potential violation of various federalstatutes, including but not limited to: Title 18 sec. 241 – Conspiracy to DenyRights, Title 18 sec. 242 – Denial of Constitutional Rights Under the Color ofLaw, plus Misprision of a Felony.

·Thereappeared to be a systematic andprejudicial effort to deny Cromar his right to due process in order to assure an outcome that would findhim guilty of a fabricated crime he did not commit. DocumentedFraud in Former Utah Movie Producer Indictment Leads To Another DOJ CriminalComplaint/Referral

·Themilitarized privately owned IRSwas using Maritime Law (where US citizens have no standing), not Constitutional Law, to makean example of the Cromars.This could happen to anyone, and very like hasto many in the past.

·It’s time we stand behind the Cromars and fightfor our Freedoms. Ken's mailing address (he can only receive white postcards):Paul Kenneth Cromar #655950 Weber County Jail P.O. Box 14000 Ogden, UT 84412

DONATIONS may be mailed to Ken'sson: Talmage Comar 130 W 5300 S Washington Terrace, Utah 84405 ORVenmo:@Talmage-Cromar

J. International Child Sex Trafficking, Organ andAdrenochrome Harvesting Ring Run Out of the Vatican and Housed in China’s ThreeGorges Dam:

·Catholics, Government, Elites Kidnapped,Tortured, Killed Native Women, Children – well over 60,000

·Thousands of Children Rescued, MutilatedBodies Recovered, from Biden-owned Ukraine Property Containing US RunBio-Weapon Labs

·Queen Elizabeth, Canada, Native Chiefs,Vatican, CIA Cover Up of Child Death Camps, Mass Grave Sites

·Trafficked Children, Bodies, Weapons Foundon Evergreen Ship Blocking Suez Canal

K.Covid/ Ebola/ Swine Flu/ Polio/ Small Pox/ BSE/ Zika/ Sars/ Monkey Pox/ AIDs/Vax/ H1N1/ Graphene Oxide/ Chemtrails/ Fluoride, Processed Foods, Human ClonesHoaxes:

·Doctors by the Hundreds Testify of CV-19Vaccine Hoax

·TheFirst Major World Politician Apologizes To the Unvaccinated:‘You Were Right, We Were Wrong.’ Danielle Smith, the premier of Alberta,Canada, is the first major elected politician in the world to issue a heartfeltapology to the unvaccinated for crimes perpetrated against their human rightsby the government during Covid lockdowns. “I can apologize right now. I’mdeeply sorry,” she said, “for anyone who was inappropriately subjected todiscrimination as a result of their vaccine status, I’m deeply sorry. For anygovernment employee that was fired from their job, because of their vaccinestatus, and I welcome them back if they want to come back.”

L.The Real News for Tues. 10 Oct. 2023:

·"Thegoal of Agenda 21 is one world government, and totalcontrol from a central unit." Author of 'Behind the Green Mask', the lateRosa Koire, broke down the totalitarian United Nations control plan known as'Agenda 21' (which later became Agenda 2030).

·Tues.10 Oct. System failure at all Japanese banks affected 1.4million transactions. The 11 major Japanese banks experiencing system failuresare Resona Bank, Saitama Resona Bank, Kansai Mirai Bank, Yamaguchi Bank,Kitakyushu Bank, Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation, Nippon CustodyBank, JP Morgan Chase Bank, Momiji Bank and Shoko Chukin Bank, in addition toMitsubishi UFJ Bank. This is the first time since the bank began operations in1973 that bank users have been affected by the failure.

·Citizenjournalist warns border crisis will ‘affect communitiesall across the nation’

·WashingtonPost to cut 240 positions as Americans turn away from corporate media:

M.Zionist, Jesuit, Khazarian, Black Nobility/Sun, Illuminati, Freemason, MuslimBrotherhood, Luciferian, Satanist — Same Energy.

·“Thehead of everything regarding corruption on a global scale is in Israel.Once the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia gained their own private homeland in Israelin 1947 through their covert political manipulations, they began to secretlyview all of Palestine as their New Khazaria, and began plotting how to genocideall the Palestinians.” –Ariel

·Thisis why ‘Israel Is Saved For Last’. The CRIMES AGAINSTHUMANITY list by the Khazarian-controlled Israel is extremely long.

·Donot confuse the usurping Khazarian ‘pretend’ Jews for those with Jewish Faith& everyday Israeli citizens. They are NOT in thesame group. This is like grouping crooked DC & American politicians withtrue Patriots, the Chinese Communist Party & everyday Chinese citizens,Muslim Brotherhood with everyday Arabs, and so forth.



·TheBody Snatchers of Israel:

·‘IsraeliArmy’ body snatchers: trafficking in the dead:

·IsraelIs the Organ Harvesting and Human Trafficking Capital of the World– June 27, 2022:

·DidGhislaine Maxwell secretly run one of most powerful Redditaccounts in history? Conspiracy theory suggests Epstein's 'pimp' posted abouteverything from Israel to legalization of child p*rn for 14 years until threadfell silent on her arrest:

·TheMaxwell Family Business of Espionage:

·Ghislane’sbig sis Isabel Maxwell.

N.Thanks to Biden 13 Billion US Taxpayer Dollars Funded the Terrorist Attack onIsrael WEF Now Poised To Make There Move! Ready ToDestabilise The West and To Take Complete Ownership Of The World!

·The staggeringseven billion dollarsworth of weaponry Biden left behind in Afghanistan fell intothe hands of theTaliban and ISIS,armingthem to the teeth and emboldening their reign of terror.

·Biden then funneled six billion into Iran – that went on to aid the terrorist attack on Israel.

·Daily vast numbers of military age male migrants from the Middle East pour into Western nations where theinfiltrators create sleeper cells poised to strike.

·Men from Hezbollah’s Iranian Special Ops, Hamas inPalestine, and ISIS from Afghanistan and Iraq have infiltrated Western nations,some even posing as UN soldiers.

·A massive suicide army has already entered Southern Israel, and the world must preparefor the impending onslaught.

·TheUSA,the UK, Australia, France, Norway, Austria, Germany, India, Canada, Poland,Spain and the European Unionhave all pledged support Israel – all of whom harborsignificant populations of Middle Eastern migrants, unwittingly setting thestage for a potential nightmare.

·A sinister plot orchestrated by shadowy figures within the World Economic Forum(WEF) have an objective of global destabilization to facilitate theimplementation of their authoritarian agenda, including digital currency,15-minute cities, universal basic income (UBI), a net-zero climate scam,lockdowns, forced vaccinations, and even the seizure of property and vehicles.


·If Q told us the WHITE HATS were saving Israel for last…doesn’t that make you think this attack could be by whitehats and we aren’t really being told the truth of who is actually committingthe evil?

·Don’t let people TELL you what to believe…find the truth for yourself.

·The Supreme Court of Israel has an "Eye ofProvidence" pyramid on the building, and was designed and paid for by theRothschilds.

·The Rothschild Central Bankers created Israel via the Belfour Declaration of 1917. Theirobjective is to implement a worldwide Satanic NWO based in Israel.

·We absolutely supportthe GOOD PEOPLE OF ISRAEL.

P. Tues. 10 Oct. White Hat Intel:

·Q World operationswere in place long ago and infiltration instead of invasion was the firststages of the PLAN.

·This involved inserting Military Commanders into the Deep State regimens, just the same as Deep Stateops placed RINO Republicans were placed by the CABAL into Republican seats andso on.

·You think it's a coincidence that General Q, (Charles Q. Brown jr.) was placed by Trump and appointed tobe the Chairman of the Joint Chief of staff as the chairman? He is thehighest-ranking and most senior military officer in the United States ArmedForces.

·Charles Q. Brown jr(goes by the name CQ and commanders call him General Q ) was also formallyannounced as PresidentJoe Biden's nominee to succeed GeneralMarkMilleyas the 21stchairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staffon May25, 2023.Why would Biden, the CIA, General Milley allow CQ to become the leaderof the Pentagon and give him the highest Ranking in all U.S. Military Forces?Knowing he was placed by Trump?

·TRUDEAU is being removed.His true image was coming to light. Government officials in India EXPOSEDTrudeau as a co*ke head. He was moving drugs when his airplane was seized forinspection (behind the scenes the Mil Ops were tracking him and knew what wasinside). Now there were lots of reports and direct info from Indian diplomats whoare telling the truth of Trudeau.

·The CIA has direct involvement in the COVID-19 cover-up and payments to Scientists to suppressThe Gain of function origins.

·Fauci was being exposed.He was inside the CIA and pentagon numerous times, without signing in, nor goingthrough security Protocols while he met with CIA officials to help cover up theCOVID origins.

·The impeachment of Biden has begun, along with HunterBiden indictments

·Rupert Murdochsteps down from CNN world controlled News outlet.

·Zelensky was deniedresources, leaves Washington with nothing after being denied access to do a Congressionalspeech.

·Michael BloombergRESIGNs

·Daniel Andrews, Victoria Premiere step down.

·Public release of documents showing the COVID-19 pandemic was a US Department ofDefense Operation dating back to President Barack Obama.

·The EXPOSURE of the CIAhappening in Russia, China, U S. On national levels enormous,

·Poland turns on UKRAINEand stops sending weapons and threatens to stop ask delivery of NATO resourcesthrough Poland.

·African countriesare fighting against the CIA, M16, French controlled colonization of theircountries and stealing of their resources.

·Half of the worldrejects the U.S. dollar.

·TRUMP gave full (legal)power to the military to carry out legal covert operations that included theDevolution Plan and Continuity of Government, all of which would lead toMilitary Intervention inside the collapse 11.3.

·Now the Cabal Deep State CIA World operations were in a major panic and desperately trying to create aNuclear War.

Q.ALL WARS ARE BANKERS WARS: "If you are still caught up inthe left vs right, Israel vs Palestine, Ukraine vs Russia narratives, treatinggeopolitics and war as if it's a football game where you are rooting for oneside to win as the real moral authority, then you need to take 45 minutes outof your day to watch this in full.”

R.The Great Indian Leader Sitting Bull: “Yet hear me, friends!We have now to deal with another people, small and feeble when our forefathersfirst met with them, but now great and overbearing. Strangely enough, they havea mind to till the soil, and the love of possessions is a disease in them.These people have made many rules that the rich may break, but the poor maynot! They have a religion in which the poor worship, but the rich will not!They even take tithes of the poor and weak to support the rich and those whorule. They claim this mother of ours, the Earth, for their own use, and fencetheir neighbors away from her, and deface her with their buildings and theirrefuse. They compel her to produce out of season, and when sterile she is madeto take medicine in order to produce again. All this is sacrilege. We are free.NO man controls our footsteps. If we must die, we die defending our rights.”

S.The Attack on Israel Was a False Flag Event, David Wilco*ck:

·Israelhas over 10,000 spies in the military imbedded inside Iran,Saudi Arabia and world Militaries. Israel’s Intelligence Agencies includeMossad, which is deeply connected to the CIA and MI6. They all knew Hamas wasgoing to attack Israel several months ago including several hours before theattack.

·TheUnited States knew the attack was coming, as did Australia, UK,Canada and EU Intelligence. There were several satellites over Iran, Israel andPalestine. Near all captured thousands of troops moving towards Israel. All majorIntelligence Agencies knew the attack was coming. News reporters (Israeli spies)in Palestine knew the attack was coming andtried to warn Israel and the military.

·IndiaIntelligence knew the attack was coming and tried to contact Israel, butIsrael commanders and President blocked ALL calls before the attack.

·Thisattack on Israel was an Inside Job, with the help of the CIA,MOSSAD and MI6.

·Largeparts of the funding of six billion dollars from the U.S. to Iranfunded the operations.

·Theweapons used came from the Ukraine Black market, whichcame from NATO and the U.S.

·TheISRAELI President and Prime minister Netanyahu ALLSTOOD DOWN before the attacks began and told the Israeli INTEL and militarycommanders to stand down. There was no intelligence error. Israeli intentionallylet the attacks happen.

·TheFog of War: Both the Deep State and White Hats wantedthese Events to take place because both the Deep State and the White Hats werefighting for future control of Israel.

·SourcesReport: “Inside Israeli Banks, Intelligence Agencies andUnderground Bases lay the World informational Data Servers on Human Traffickingand World Operations connected to Pedophile Rings.”

·Epsteinwas created by the Mossad, along with the CIA and M16.

·Epsteingot his funding from MOSSAD, who was Ghislaine Maxwell’s father:Israeli super spy Robert Maxwell, who worked for the CIA and M16 also.

·Duringthe past two years in Israel, the Military has becomedivided, much like the U.S. military that was losing hope in government leadersand sectors. Several Revolts have tried to start, but were ended quickly.

·MajorPANIC has been hitting the Israeli INTEL, Prime ministerand military commanders community as their corruption and crimes keep gettingEXPOSED.

·MajorPANIC is happening as the U S. comes closer to dropping theEpstein Files and Epstein List and exposing the major countries who dealt withEpstein, especially Israel who created Epstein, along with the CIA and M16.

·Before EPSTEIN was arrested, he wasapprehended several times by the military intelligence ALLIANCE. He was workingwith the White Hats and gave all information on the CIA, M16, Mossad, JPMorgan, World Banks, Gates, X, Israel, Big Tech, Facebook, YouTube andMicrosoft and their connection to World Deep State Cabal Military Intelligenceand world control by the Elites and Globalists.

·Thismassive coming of THE STORM was scaring the CIA, Mossad,Kazarian Mafia, M16, etc. They aretrying to destroy all the Military Intelligence evidence inside Israel andUnderground Bunkers in order to conceal evidence of World Human Trafficking.

·BigTech, Facebook, Google and YouTube control the World moneylaundering system that is connected from Israel, to Ukraine, to the US, toNATO, UN and US Industrial Military Complex System.

·Majorpanic is happening in Israel as the Military was planning a2024 Coup in Israel to overthrow the Deep State Military and regime thatconnected to the CIA and M16 Clinton/ Rockefellers.

·Notfar from where Jesus once walked the Kazarian Mafia, CabalDark Families began the practice of Adrenochrome and their Satanic Ritual tothe God Moloch, the God of Child Sacrifice.

·Thiswas why Satanism was pushed throughout the World shoppingcenters, music and movies.

T.The Dismantling of NATO/ UN, Ben Fulford:

·TURKEYis playing against NATO (the CIA, MI6, Rothschilds) and making secret moves andare allying with Russia and China.

·NOWThe President of Turkey Erdogan, has publicly come outin support of Palestinians in the ongoing HAMAS-Israel conflict and hasPUBLICLY WARNED the United States to STAY OUT of the conflict.

·NATOis in shock as NATO leaders know Turkey has sentweapons to Hamas the through the eastern regions. And NATO cannot have theirNATO Ally Turkey threatening another NATO country, the U.S.

·NATOin PANIC as support for the Ukraine War begin to fall and NOW theNATO member Turkey is siding with Palestine Hamas.

·IfTurkey leaves NATO, or other NATO countries vote out Turkey,then NATO loses their biggest NATO military ally in Europe, money and weapons.NATO cannot carry on with the TURKEY Military deserting the NATO Alliance andin return, Turkey would publicly join the Russia and China Alliance.

·NATO was in PANIC as U.S. weapons to NATO andUkraine has been TRACKED and showing up in Iran. Iran is buying Ukraine weaponsthat their military is selling on the Black Market to enemies of U.S. and NATOallies.

·Iranbought the weapons and gave them to Hamas. Turkey also armedHamas.

·Thereis panic as NATO slowly crumbles.

·JIMJORDAN the coming Speaker of Congress (placed by Trump andthe Military) WILL Start to EXPOSE NATO WEAPONS BLACK MARKET TRADE. JORDAN WILLEXPOSÉ UKRAINE money laundering system and connect Biden directly to Ukraine crime syndicate operations.

·TheTrump Congress is coming with lots of Declass information forthe World.

·HummmItseems like everything was planned.

·I’vebeen telling you since 2021 that Jim Jordan WAS COMING andTrump was behind him and Congress was going to EXPOSE the world agendas andoperations. Well it's happening now.

·TheDeep State World Intelligence Community is in a panic as theTrump Card, Epstein List and files will drop in due time before the 2024Elections. The show all begins in February2024.

·ThankYou Musk,Turkey, Kash, Cheyenne Mountain Commands, NATO, World Banks, Gates, etc – allinside the Epstein Servers.

·Bestrong Patriots as The Storm strengthens and the DeepState plays all their cards pushing for Nuclear War, Civil Wars, Blackouts andmassive False Flag Events. Counter measures are in place in Game Theory Operations.

·TheWaris real. The News is fake. Trump is giving you real COMMS inside his speeches.Only he can stop World War III from happening.

·TheseEVENTS are happening for a reason. Have faith, Patriots. GodWins.

U. Why is it anytime there is a crisis on theother side of the globe, it’s my tax dollars that get sent?

·Ourgovernment already funds Israeland Iran/Hamas with US tax dollars, just to need more money once violencebreaks out, with the weapons our tax money purchased for Ukraine.

·Nomatter how you slice it, American labor funds terrorismaround the world. We go to work all day, so the government can siphon trillionsoff of our labor, then they send billions of our taxes annually to Israel andIran, who use the funding to attack each other, which requires more US taxdollars to clean up the mess.

·Notonly does the US government steal your money, they use it tocreate all the problems of the world, so they always have an endless need foryour money.

·Politiciansgo along with it because they get a cut of the Tax PayerDollars laundered back to them.

·Thecycle never ends. The American people have an annualsubscription to the war machine, and we can’t get off the ride.

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of October 11, 2023 (2024)
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