Angel Race in Blox Fruits |Guide & Combos [UPDATE 20.1]⭐ (2024)

Blox Fruits is a game that stands out for its diversity and complexity, reflected in the variety of races that players can choose from. One of the most fascinating and unique races is the Angel race. This article explores the Angel race in detail, including its characteristics, evolution, and the possibilities of obtaining it when joining the game.

Angel Race

The Angel race is one of the four initial races available to players who join Blox Fruits for the first time. However, its exclusivity is evident from the beginning, as you only have a 12.5% chance of obtaining it on your first entry into the game. This gives the Angel race a character of rarity and prestige that few players can enjoy. The Angel race also stands out for its path of evolution. This path consists of three stages, each with its own title that reflects the player’s growing skill and power.

How to Get the Angel Race in Blox Fruits?

Acquiring the Angel race in Blox Fruits involves a blend of luck and choice. Initially, players have a 12.5% chance of being assigned the Angel race when they start the game. For those looking to switch to this race later, the odds increase to 25%. This can be achieved through several methods: by purchasing a Race Change from Tort for 3,000, from the Shop for 90, or from specific Event NPCs, including the Event Shop or Death King. This system offers players the excitement and anticipation of potentially unlocking a race imbued with rarity and prestige.

V2By completing the Alchemist’s Quest. To take this quest, the player must have completed the Coliseum Quest.
V3By completing Arowe’s Quest, which varies depending on the race. The V3 quest for Angels is: Kill a player with the Angel race. Be sure to take the quest every time you join the game, as it will reset if you rejoin.
V4By completing the Time Temple puzzle and then doing the King’s Trial. Full steps can be found on the Race Awakening page.

Angel Race Showcase

Is Angel a Good Race in Blox Fruits?

The Angel race in “Blox Fruits” is not just a symbol of rarity; it’s also a choice of strategic gameplay. This race is known for its abilities that enhance mobility and defense, making it particularly effective in certain playstyles. With abilities like increased jump height, air jumps, and the unique ‘Celestial Blood’ skill in V3 that boosts defense and heals the player, the Angel race is versatile for both exploration and combat. The V4 stage further enhances these abilities, granting the player near-mythical powers, like the ability to glide and fly, and an aura with multiple effects. These features make the Angel race an excellent choice for players who value mobility, healing abilities, and a tactical advantage in aerial maneuvers.

V1, V2, and V3 of the Angel Race in Blox Fruits

Below are all the **changes, improvements, and abilities of V1, V2, and V3 of the Angel race** in Blox Fruits:

StageBuffsVisual ChangesImage
Version 1The player’s jump height will increase slightly. Additionally, they can use the Air Jump regardless of whether they have purchased it or not.Gives the player a pair of small white wings.
Version 2The first Air Jump will be slightly higher than the other jumps. Energy is reduced by 20% while performing an Air Jump, and the player gains an additional Air Jump.No visual changes.
Version 3The player unlocks an ability called Celestial Blood. When activated:
  • Increases defense by 15%.
  • Heals around 20% of the player’s maximum health, as well as around 10% of their maximum energy, along with natural regeneration.

Lasts for 6.5 seconds and has a cooldown of 20 seconds.

The wings are larger and move.

V4 of the Angel Race in Blox Fruits

Below are all the **changes, improvements, and abilities of V4 of the Angel race** in Blox Fruits:

StageBuffsVisual ChangesImage
Version 4Ancient Powers:
  • Upon transformation, maximum stats are obtained, along with a 10% increase in damage, speed, and healing.
Prince of the Skies:
  • Allows the user to glide in the air by holding the dash button, and fly freely by holding the jump button.

View Skill

Angel Race in Blox Fruits |Guide & Combos [UPDATE 20.1]⭐ (1)

Upgraded Version:
  • All effects are significantly increased.

View Skill

Angel Race in Blox Fruits |Guide & Combos [UPDATE 20.1]⭐ (2)

King’s Rule:
  • Adds an aura around the user with multiple effects: slowness, damage, energy drain, screen distortion.

Pros and Cons of the Angel Race in Blox Fruits
Below are all the pros and cons of the Angel race in Blox Fruits:




  • The healing ability of the V3 skill is very fast and can be used to regenerate during a movement (such as Control V), unlike natural regeneration.
  • Excellent for camping in the sky. Camping in the sky is useful against some fruits that can be used quickly and repeatedly, such as Dragon and Magma.
  • The V3 ability is good for prolonging fights, if you enjoy that.
  • The fast health and energy regeneration is useful for PvP and boss battles.
  • The ability has a relatively short cooldown and lasts for a decent amount of time.
  • The ability can be used to counter combos, as it provides defense and fast health regeneration.
  • The higher initial Air Jump makes it possible to perform certain moves in the air more easily (e.g., hitting Dough’s X or Rumble’s X (Awakened)) without wasting a teleport move or, if you don’t have one, it allows you to do it.
  • The Air Jump still consumes energy, although it is reduced. It would be much better if it didn’t consume energy at all. (Though the energy cost is low)
  • Jumping doesn’t help much for dodging, which is a better form of running/escaping.
    • That’s why Rabbit is more popular.

Angel Vs Shark Races

Angel Race in Blox Fruits:

  1. Mobility in Air: The Angel race excels in aerial mobility. With increased jump height and the ability to perform air jumps, players can navigate the skies with ease.
  2. Healing Abilities: The V3 stage unlocks ‘Celestial Blood,’ enhancing defense and providing significant healing, beneficial in prolonged fights and PvP scenarios.
  3. Evolutionary Powers: Reaching V4 unlocks ‘Ancient Powers’ and ‘Prince of the Skies,’ allowing for enhanced stats, gliding, and free flight, giving a tactical edge in combat.
  4. Utility for Aerial Combat: Ideal for players who prefer aerial strategies, the Angel race can be advantageous against certain types of opponents, especially in environments where vertical movement is key.

Shark Race in Blox Fruits:

  1. Aquatic Superiority: The Shark race shines underwater. It offers increased speed and mobility in aquatic environments, a unique advantage in naval battles or sea exploration.
  2. Evolutionary Progression: Evolving through various stages enhances the Shark race’s swimming speed and resistance to damage, culminating in significant improvements in aquatic capabilities.
  3. Combat Adaptation: The Shark race is particularly effective in water-based combat situations, allowing for quick navigation and strategic positioning.
  4. Limited Land Capabilities: While formidable in water, the Shark race might not offer the same level of versatility on land, making it less effective in terrestrial combat scenarios.

Choosing Between Angel and Shark:

  1. Playstyle Consideration: The choice between Angel and Shark races should be influenced by a player’s preferred playstyle. Angel is suited for those who favor aerial maneuverability and tactics, while Shark is ideal for players who excel in water-based combat and navigation.
  2. Game Environment Adaptation: The in-game environment and common combat scenarios also play a role. If most of your battles or exploration happen in aquatic regions, the Shark race would be more beneficial. Conversely, if vertical mobility and aerial combat are more common, the Angel race would be preferable.
  3. Versatility vs. Specialization: The Angel race offers more versatility in various environments, whereas the Shark race is more specialized, excelling particularly in water.

How to Use Angel Race in Blox Fruits

The first stage of evolution grants the title of “Sacred Warrior.” This title marks the beginning of a player’s journey in the Angel race, highlighting the potential for power and greatness that players have at their disposal. This is the first step towards mastering the Angel race and an indication of future feats.
Upon reaching V3, players receive the title of “Perfect Being.” This title indicates a level of skill and mastery that very few can achieve. It means that the player has perfected their abilities and gained a deep understanding of the capabilities of the Angel race.

Finally, the last title, “His Majesty,” is bestowed upon evolving to V4. This title not only represents the pinnacle of the Angel race’s evolution but also declares the player’s supremacy in the game. Players with this title have shown exceptional commitment and skill and are true masters of the Angel race.

In summary, the Angel race in Blox Fruits offers a unique experience, marked by its exclusivity and the exciting path of evolution it provides. Whether you are a new player fortunate enough to obtain this race on your first entry into the game or a veteran who has worked diligently to perfect your skills, the Angel race provides an opportunity to stand out and enjoy a truly unique gaming experience. After all, who wouldn’t want to be known as “His Majesty” in the world of Blox Fruits?

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Angel Race in Blox Fruits |Guide & Combos [UPDATE 20.1]⭐ (2024)


Is Angel a good race in Blox Fruits? ›

Angel is one of the four races that players can spawn with upon joining the game for the first time. It has a 12.5% chance to be granted upon first join. It possesses numerous stat and movement boosts, making it an all-around balanced race.

What does Angel V2 give you? ›

V1: You will get slight speed boost and get small black wings on your back. V2:You will get speed and jump boost, and your black wings will get bigger.

Is Angel v4 op? ›

Angel v4's infinite stun is really op for the raid boss.

Is ghoul better than angel? ›

Comparison: Angel's passives are mainly utility passives with a great ability that allows for insane regen and can be used to survive one shot combos. While ghoul is able to have higher regen and higher speed. It also has life leech which can effectively counter Angel's v3 ability if the ghoul hits their moves.

How do I get to V2 Angel? ›

The second version of a race (so-called V2) can be obtained by talking to the Alchemist in the Green Zone and doing the Flower Quest.

How to cyborg race? ›

The Cyborg race can be obtained by completing the Cyborg Puzzle in Blox Fruits. This includes farming Sea Beasts for the Fist of Darkness and defeating the Order (Law) boss for a Core Brain. This may take a bit of farming, so be sure to save lots of Fragments!

Which is the best race in Blox Fruits? ›

Shark has plenty of damage-reducing skills, so it is tougher to kill. And since it's easily obtained as a starter race or through race re-rolls, it's considered one of the best races in Blox Fruits. Other races like Cyborg, Ghoul, Angel, and Human are all great alternatives.

What does Shark V4 do in Blox Fruits? ›

It provides massive damage reductions and the ability to swim in water without taking damage, which makes it the ultimate defense race.

How rare is human race in Blox Fruits? ›

Human is one of the four races that players can spawn with on joining the game for the first time. It has a 62.5% chance to be granted upon first joining the game, making it the most common race obtainable through this method.

Is angel race good for Buddha? ›

Angel very good race. But not the best for Buddha over shark and ghoul.

Can the angel race fly in blox fruits? ›

In order to fly, the user must eat a Blox Fruit that has an ability (usually the "F" skill) that allows the user to fly. The Angel race in its V4 awakened state can also be used for stationary flight and gliding.

Which race is best in Blox Fruits? ›

Shark has plenty of damage-reducing skills, so it is tougher to kill. And since it's easily obtained as a starter race or through race re-rolls, it's considered one of the best races in Blox Fruits. Other races like Cyborg, Ghoul, Angel, and Human are all great alternatives.

Is Angel v2 worth it Blox Fruits? ›

The v1 and v2 are quite useful in pvp. They give extra jump height as well as an extra skyjump with a much boosted initial one, which is good for aerial combat.

How does angel work in Blox Fruits? ›

The Angel fruit in Blox Fruit grants players the ability to fly and heal themselves, among other celestial capabilities. Imagine soaring through the skies or healing your wounds after a tough battle; that's the power of the Angel fruit.

Which race V4 is best in Blox Fruits? ›

Angel/Sky V4 - Second tier skill race, really good for stunning, but hard to find people with Angel V4. But to mention, they are actually good. Mink/Rabbit V4 - Pretty good for farming, you will sure enjoy this race, but useless in fights (except if you chase people). Ghoul/Devil V4 - Not skillful and not unskillful.

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